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Dog Tote?

I have a tiny 9 pound dog and have been looking for a dog carrier or tote. Everything I see is brightly colored or frilly, where could I find a simple & sleek carrier that still offers the dog the necessary comfort? May Hedrik, Bronxville
Zitomer offers a dog carrier in smooth Italian calfskin which will hold canine companions up to 11 pounds. The tote comes in cognac (pictured), black, chocolate brown, red, cobalt blue & pink.
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Available online and in NYC at 969 Madison Ave. (Upper East Side) near 76th Street.
(212) 737-5560 $360.00

Angelina Jolie and her baby's shirt

I have seen pictures of Angelina Jolie’s baby all over the internet. I can’t tell what kind of shirt the baby is wearing. If you know what it is, where to get it or who made it, can you let me know? Madeline K.

The Jolie-Pitt baby is wearing a KingsleyKingsley Pots and Pans Band Tee available online at Standard Style Boutique. $42.00
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The English Picnic Basket

It’s summer. Looking for a really nice picnic set- not the type of thing you could pick up at a department store. Have one? Samantha Jarvis, NH

Look no further - Optima is the leading manufacturer of fitted English picnic baskets and picnic accessories. Their Wedgwood basket available for 4 or 6 persons, includes white fine bone china plates, cups and saucers, crystal wine glasses, stainless steel flatware, white linen napkins, corkscrew, stainless steel thermos flask, insulated food container, insulated wine cooler and cotton Gordon Tartan Tablecloth.
4 person basket, $1,195, 6 person basket $1,595
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A stylish camera bag?

Any idea of where a can find an attractive camera bag? I’m not a professional photographer but l like having my camera with me and the nylon bag I bought at the camera store is plain unsightly. MLS, Purchase, NY

The Chloe Paddington Camera Bag, available through Neiman Marcus is a miniature version of the red hot Paddington bag - complete with a tiny padlock. It is made of incredibly supple, distressed leather with gold and silver hardware accessories. With an adjustable front shoulder strap and a front zip pocket for batteries or memory cards, it may in fact be the bag you’re looking for. $1,495.00
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The wedding kayak

My sister in law is getting married and we would like to get them a kayak. They are true sports enthusiast so it cannot be anything shoddy. And as it is going to be their wedding gift, it needs to be really nice! Name withheld

The Necky Advanced Composite Nootka Plus Tandem Kayak with Rudder has has a roomy center hatch with curved bulkhead and is great for extra cargo on long tours. The hull shape has an extra flare above the waterline which adds stability and reserve buoyancy without affecting hull speed. The Nootka Plus has djustable foot pedals accommodate different sized paddlers a rear cockpit control for rudder deployment and so many amazing feautures that you really have to see for yourself by clicking here. $3,999.00

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Ski Trip to France

I would love to take my husband on a ski trip to France for his birthday. I am looking for something nice but not quite in the luxury realm and I don’t want to stay at a hotel. Can you help? Jaque M., Pelham Manor

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This chalet In the Morzine/ Avoriaz area of the Rhone Alps, 30 minutes from Lake Geneva rents for a very affordable $1,500 (low season) to $2,500 (high season). If this five bedroom unit is located near the foot of the main high speed gondola up to Morzine/Avoriaz looks appealing or you would like to discuss to see other ski homes and chalets in France, please contact Carabelle so that we may help arrange your trip.

Estate Management Through Carabelle

What is the overall feedback you receive from your clients?
Those who are unaware that a company such as ours exists are very surprised when they are informed about the extent of our services. This is especially the case when we talk about management of holiday homes, which are located far away and often cause the owners a range of problems and irritation. Our clients have repeatedly expressed relief that they found a company to handle the burden. In Westchester and Fairfield counties, we are able to offer clients peace of mind regarding their private homes which they commute away from and in to NYC for extended days. Homeowners want accountability in their absence and they need to know what goes on in their home.
Carabelle Estate Management

Hotel Babysitter?

I am in Boston and will be traveling to Greenwich on September 30. I will be staying at a hotel and attending a wedding. I have one four month old child that is not invited to the wedding or rehearsal dinner. I need a sitter for Friday and Saturday night for a minimum of six hours each night. I don't want an anonymous hotel sitter. I am not at all looking forward to leaving my child alone with a stranger. Being in Greenwich, do you have any suggestions or resources? Ann

I would be happy to arrange child care for you during your stay in Greenwich. The sitters I work with are college educated, professional child care providers I have worked with for a minimum of two years. These are top notch, energetic and highly capable individuals. Should you like, I can arrange a telephone introduction for you in advance of your arrival so that you may get somewhat acquainted with the sitter. I will email you the office number for Carabelle Concierge.

Dating Service?

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My sister has been single for three years now. She lives in Valhalla, New York. I have been encouraging her to get involved with dating services and singles events but everything turns out disasterous for her. She has met up with some less than savory characters. Can you reccomend a more upscale service? I would be interested in finding someone to sit down and really work with her. I'm willing to pay for the entire expense, I just cannot continue to be so entwined in her (unsuccesful) dating attempts. Thanks. Lisa

Touting herself as a savvy sophisticate, Samantha Daniel's intricate connections within the New York and Los Angeles social scene provides her an enormous pool of people from which to draw prospective suitors. Read- her extensive networking is of tremendous advantage singles who might otherwise be limited only to other agency clients. Samantha is dedicated to providing clients personal service. A non refundable consultation fee of $400 starts the process. During that process you will decide on which introduction plan suits your lifestyle. Prices of introduction plans depend upon client's specifications as to their potential mate, frequency of dates, number of dates, and ancillary services chosen.
NY- 212.717.6033

Mail Order Desserts?

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I am looking for a company that will mail cakes and pies. I have used all of the 'big names' over the years and I am looking for something new.
Something unique that taste likes it's really home made. These will be for gifts and there is not a limit on the price range. - Mary B, Purchase NY

Sweet Street Desserts offers over 200 different dessert products for every occasion -- pies, cakes, dessert bars, brownies, cheesecakes, organic desserts, comfort desserts, and individual desserts, to name a few. Be sure to check out the shipped frozen cookies (and the throughly detailed "bake-off" instructions.
Toll Free: 1-800-SWEET97
Phone: 610-921-8113

PO Box 15127
Reading, PA 19612 USA

Concierge in Switzerland?

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I came across your concierge agency while surfing the we looking for a "concierge". And from your web site, I obtained a link to this Blog. I was wondering if you might be able to help me out. I am looking for a concierge to help me with the details, activities, meals & childcare for a trip I am making to Switzerland. I imagine that I could contract you to make those arrangements, but I would prefer to have someone there. I think a concierge or concierge type service in Switzerland would make offer me the assurance I need for what looks to be a grueling and complicated three week sojourn. Please let me know if you know of any contacts in Europe, specifically Switzerland. I am not interested in using a general hotel concierge. I will be staying in three locations during my travels there and will be traveling with two small children. Eileen Stein

Please contact Andrea Cameroni at Lifestyle Management. Andrea is the founder and supervisies a multilingual, energetic staff. With a background working in the press office of the Swiss Foreign Ministry and in the Swiss Embassy in Spain, she will undoubtedly be able to offer you any assistance you might require during your stay in Switzerland.

Lifestyle Management & Consulting SA
Via Lucchini 8A6900 Lugano Lugano SWITZERLAND
+41 91 921 00 27 -

Realtor in New York?

My family and I are moving to the New York area in January or February. My husband's partner put him in contact with and has been insistent we use his fiance as our agent and quite frankly it isn't working for me. She is however our only real connection to the area. Can you recommend an agent? We are interested in living in purchasing a town home in Manhattan or a home in the Greenwich or Scarsdale area. -Adrienne Las Vegas, NV

For someone looking to purchase property in Manhattan, I would recommend Nancy Candib. Nancy is with Brown Harris Stevens in NYC, known as a worldwide as the leader in New York City's residential real estate market. To consider properties in the Scarsdale and Greenwich areas, I would suggest you contact Frank Klingenstein. Regardless of the experience with your previous agent, you will find Fran to be a tireless professional with tremendous integrity.
655 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Tel: (212) 906-9302
Fax: (212) 303-3124

Francine Klingenstein , GRI
Julia B. Fee LLC
25 Purdy Ave
Rye , NY 10580
Phone: 914-921-9230
Fax: 914-967-9105

Denver Hotels?

I am traveling to Denver September 22nd and would like to bring my wife along. Can you suggest an interesting, even romantic hotel in Denver? RH Briarcliff Manor, NY

The Hotel Teatro is Denver's luxury boutique hotel offering exquisite accommodations for business travel or a weekend getaway. Unique costumes and photographs from past theatrical productions of the Denver Center Theatre Company decorate the hotel lobby, parlor and guest rooms. Award-winning chef/restaurateur Kevin Taylor operates the two restaurants in the Hotel Teatro - PRIMA, a light, heart-healthy Italian restaurant and Restaurant Kevin Taylor.
To arrange your accomations, contact or contact the hotel directly at 303-228-1100 or on the web

Emma Hope Shoes?

Where might I find a line of shoes made by Emma Hope? Jennifer F. Coos Bay, Oregon

Emma Hope is one of the UK's most original and well known shoe designers producing well designed and beautifully made shoes. Using clean and simple lines, and with her own sense of style, these shoes are easily identifiable as Emma Hope Shoes.The shoe and handbag collections, for business, day and evening, have been designed using the same materials and are exquisitely lined with exacting detail in kid, grosgrain or silk. Emma Hope's shoes are widely available in England and throughout Europe, with outlets in France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and Austria - can also be found in America, Hong Kong, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Noting that you are on the West Coast, you may want to contact Foot Candy -an amazing store in itself with a great collection of Emma Hope shoes and accessories at 1239 Main StreetSaint Helena, CA.Telephone: 707-963-2040. Store Email: ,website: .
Or visit the Emma Hope website directly at:
Emma Hope
53 Sloane Square
London SW1X 8AX
+44 (0)20 7259 9566

Handbag Search?

I am looking for a bag made by Cleosp. I can't find the line anyone. I overheard my fiance talking about a purple one. Erick Alrdrecht NYC

Donald Pliner makes a bag called the Cleosp. is done up in calf hair with an exotic print and sells for $855. It is available in olive/black and casis/black. (casis/black pictured at right). Donald Pliner handbags are available at Nordstroms or online at :

French Perfume?

I am looking for a bottle of french perfume called Andee. I live in Bronxville. Please let me know where I can get it. -Terra

AndreePutman? This is a french unisex perfume with notes of grey pepper, lily and coriander. This is hard to find, unique fragrance is so good though, it used to be the only perfume that they carried at Moss (in the city).

146 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012

$20 Wine Reccomendation?

Can you suggest a bottle of wine to keep on hand for guests? I don't drink alcohol and I get lost everytime I find myself at the Liquor Barn trying to choose a bottle. As for price, $20. -PP

Planeta La Segreta Rosso $16
"It's unlikely that you could go wrong with a bottle of wine from Sicilain wine makers, Planeta."

Rutherford Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon $16
"This wine is so smooth it practically glides down your throat. It has great vanilla and black berry fruit complemented by a soft, luscious texture. This wine is silk for the price of polyester"

2004 Jean Paul Picard Sancerre $17.99
"Never exaggerated or overblown, this wine's elegance and balance make it an ideal match for a range of white meat and fish dishes."

Best Grill for a Gift?

Gift. Grill. 44-60 inches. Top Quality. No preference on Brand. Wedding gift for sister. No price limit. Shipped to them. Thanks. Paul

Pictured above:
On right Dacor 52'' Epicure Outdoor Grill with Stainless Steel Cart w/ 1

Warming Oven & 1 Storage Drawers. $ 6,768.00. Available through (Dacor 52'' Epicure Outdoor Grill with Stainless Steel Cart w/ 1 Warming Oven & 1 Storage Drawers - EOG52 : Barbecues). On left, Electrolux 57'' Grill with Cart , 5 burner, 65k BTU's, 18k BTU rotis burner and 34k BTU dual sealed side burner. $4,299.99 Available through , (

Stationary Store Near Rye?

I am looking for a place to get gift cards made up for my children as well as some personalized notes for myself. I am in Rye, New York and want to go to physically go to the place and pick out what I want. Without going in to the city, can you recommend a place? Lauren

The Papery in Greenwich offers imprintables by such manufacturers as ODDBALLS, FITZGRAPHICS, FOUR SEASONS, MERI MERI and
For more information on products they carry,

you can visit them on the web at and in person at
268 Greenwich Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 Phone: 203.869.1888.

Wine class in Stamford?

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I live in Stamford and am looking for a wine class in my area. Would prefer something that meets evenings and not on weekends. Ideas? Tara

Harry's Wine & Liquor Market teached you everything you always wanted to know about wine but didn’t know what to ask! This 3-week beginner’s class is designed for the wine novice who wants to learn the differences among the major types of wines.
In September, Wine 101: Introduction to Wine Tasting meets on Monday the 12,19 & 26th. The class meets at 7PM at Sidetracks Restaurant, 2070 Boston Post Road. For more information, please call (203) 259-4692.

Roberto Cavali Vodka?

Do you know anything about a vodka by Roverto Cavalli?

Adding to the luxury vodka market designer and bon viveur Roberto Cavalli will introduce his new vodka in September 2006. Sources say the mix uses fine Italian grains filtered through crushed Italian marble; approximately $60.


I'm looking for a driver to gift my fiance with. Something top of the line. Any ideas? Lindsay Greenwich, CT

Perhaps you should consider the TaylorMade R7 Quad TP.
The 400cc TaylorMade is noticeably smaller than its mondo cohorts and you can use the specially designed wrench to make crucial minor adjustments to the club—and your game. Approx. $800.

A New Look for Fall?

I'm searching for a new look for Fall. I just moved from Boston to NYC. I want a bolder, feminine look but I don't have time to search through fashion magazines or browse stores. Any quick ideas? I'm 23, this is my first professional job and although my profession does not require conservative dress, I am not in anyway flamboyant. - Ally

Adrienne Vittadini has unveiled their Fall 05 line, "Timeless Beauty".
Fall ’05 - a celebration of feminine allure and each look an expression of luxury and elegance perfectly put together with Adrienne Vittadini signature style.


I get together with my girfriends once a month for dinner or lunch. We always pick one of the trendiest places-so it's usually a packed restauraunt. My friends are great, well educated, compassionate and intelligent. When it comes to tipping, we usually end up tipping about 20 percent of the bill. This all sounds fine, right? Well most of the time we have so much to talk about that we are there for over two hours. What is my obligation to the waiter? I think I might be alone on this one, but I feel guilty when we end up staying that long.

If you hold a table for two servings, make sure that you tip double. In other words, if you spend enough time at a table that a waiter could have typically gotten two parties seated and served, then compensate him for his time by tipping him twice. If you can do so quietly, ease his mind by telling him this about halfway through.

Luxurious Sheets?

I am looking for a set of unmistakably luxurious sheets for our guest room. Do you have a fast, one stop answer? -Karen

Pratesi. A queen set of their "basic" sheets (482-thread-count) with embroidery run around $1,400. In NYC at 829 Madison Avenue at 69th Street. 212-288-2315.

Best Private Jet?

As far as private jets go, what is top of the line?

Gulfstream GV-SP. The GV-SP's increased cabin volume affords a fourth living area, seats 16 passengers comfortably, and berths up to eight. The 6,750 nm range at Mach 0.80 means that the GV-SP can fly nonstop from New York to Tokyo [with eight passengers] guaranteed. The cargo space and cabin space have both been upgraded 25% from the GSV providing an interior with unparalleled luxury and comfort.

The typically equipped and completed GV-SP is being priced at about $45 million.

"Top of the line", in transportation and electronics will always be changing as innovations are always on the way. In early 2006, look for Bombardier Global Express XRS is scheduled to enter service and replace the Global Express.

photos: top left, interior of Gulfstream’s GV-SP, top right, exterior of Gulfstream's GV-SP and below, on the horizon for Bombardier, the Global Express XRS
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Unique Destinations?

My wife has been handling our travel arrangements throughout our entire marriage. We are about to celebrate our 15th anniversary. I would like to make plans to take our entire family away together. 37 people all together. I can arrange to charter two flights to the destination but I have been able to find a destination that grabs me. Past a certain point, everything seems like the same set up. Any ideas for a unique vacation. I want this to be top of the line and a huge surprise for my wife. I'm surfing the web right now looking for ideas and I got to this site- so I thought I'd ask. -Gene

Have you considered a private Island? (Pictured above top to bottom: Belize, Musha Cay & Ibiza ) I have excellent connections to owners of the most amazing private Islands from the Caribbean to Greece. Most of the Island's rental fee includes partial staff. Some of the Islands include a staff that would out number your guests. If you have never tried this type of vacation, I can most certainly say- it is the way to go. Please contact me and I'd be happy to coordinate the entire vacation including any supplementary surprises. or

pictured: private Islands of Musha Cay (top), Belize(middle), Ibiza(bottom)

Accomodating the In-Laws?

My in-laws (my wife's sister & her husband) will be coming to stay for a week in June. I was hoping to sell them on the idea of staying in the city to "take it all in" for some portion of that time. A week seems like a long time. Is there a way to propose this in a way that is polite and doesn't shout "not here"? I'd like to make the arrangements in advance and I'd like it to be a really nice thing-the cost won't be a problem. Rob Harrison, NY

I think it can be done. It involves your ability to be a great host while they are in your home and maintaining some connection to the activities that they partake in during their NYC stay. The St. Regis is a top notch hotel and it's located right in the heart of midtown. The hotel's overly attentive services will leave your in-laws feeling pampered and doted on-rather than cast off. Plan to meet your in-laws in the city at least one of the nights for a specific and planned dinner. If cost is not an object, obtain tickets to a broadway show, sporting event or anything else that cateres to their specific interest. Ideally your in-laws will feel that there is a legitimate purpose and need for them to stay in the hotel (to partake in all of the great things you have set up for them!) Carabelle Concierge can make all of the arrangements for you, please email me at

Ginger Fragrant Water?

I was in an elevator with a couple and one of them was wearing the most amazing scent. When I complimented the fragrance, they both replied in unison with a response that included Ginger Fragrant Water. Unsure who was wearing it, I smiled politely and said "oh". Any chance you can help me locate the product based on what I heard?

Quite honestly, that could be anything! Perhaps they both answered - because they both wore the scent? Roger & Gallet make a fragrance for men and woman made from ginger blossom and spice with a wood undertone. Their scent is called Roger & Gallet Ginger Eau Parfumante. The product is available through

Men's Jewelry Box?

I would like to get my father a 'jewelry box'. I was originally looking for an antique but have decided I want something new-but really nice.

Really nice? The Louis Vuitton Elie Bleu jewelry box personified high end quality. Lined in ultra soft alcantra with interior trays and compartments for his valuable baubles, it is accented with gold-plated brass hardware and a tasseled key. This item retails at $530 and is available through DECRET 313 N Beverly DriveBeverly Hills, CA 90210Tel : (310) 859-6655Fax : (310) 859-6656

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Professional Nanny?

I have two children ages 11 & 14. I have had nannies in the past but over the past two years I have been home so my children were not reliant on their nanny (because I was very involved in their routine). I am looking for a professional nanny, someone trustworthy-perhaps even with specialized nanny training that works with older children. Can you help me out? I live in Greenwich. -Kate

Carabelle does place nannies and babysitter. We work with our trusted contacts to find the best candidate for your family. We host all preliminary interviews, check references and present the final three candidates to you. If you were to place an ad in the newspaper and specifically describe what you are looking for, you would probably be inundated with calls from nannies from all different backgrounds and with an experience level that ranged from none to much. Truly professional nannies are hard to find and when families find that kind of person to work in their home and with their children, they hold on to them very tightly! They do exist and I would be more than happy to help you find the ideal fit for your home environment.
Given your children's ages and your desire for a professional, I would suggest that you consider the employment of a governess.
A governess is a college educated professional. Governesses are most often charged with transporting the children to and from appointments and school, making play dates and appointments, tutoring the child or overseeing school work, maintaining the school calendar and facilitating the child's involvement in extracurricular activities. Additionally the governess may maintain children's school supplies, wardrobe, video and book library, audio visual equipmemt and computer system. This would be a person you could count on to recognize safety issues, insist on proper etiquette and to keep you fully informed of (and connected to) what goes on in your absence.

If you would like to start your search, please email me at or visit for additional contact information. Good luck.

Coffee Martini?

I attended an even recently where they served coffee martinis. I'm looking for a recipe.
Devon Albrecht Briarcliff Manor, NY

Jelks coffee ( sells a mix to which you just add your choice of vodka, milk and ice and blend. I've listed two comlete recipes below. Be sure to start with quality espresso!

Coffee Martini

1 shot: Espresso
1 shot: Kaluah
1 shot: Stoli Coffee
1 shot: Stoli Vanilla
Served in a chilled martini glass, shaken or stirred.

Espresso Martini

1 shot: Espresso
1 shot: Bailey's
2 shots: Stoli Coffee vodka
Shaken, with ice.

Old Country Nursery?

I am expecting my first child in November. I know I am having a girl and I want to do the nursery in an old country theme. Where can I find crib attire that isn't bright or modern?

Picci Italian bedding (pictured at left) might be close to what your looking for. The bedding is made of pure silk with hand embroidery throughout and delicate ruffles.

Picci is available at

Painting on a tie?

I attended a meeting recently where a certain mogul-type was wearing a tie that looked like a famous painting. Because there is no way a guy can get away with complimenting another guy's attire-I didn't mention it. Still, I'd like to find out where it came from & how much they go for. Jason, Manhattan

If it looked anything like the picture,(Franken's Painting Silk Tie) then it would be a Villa Bolgheri tie. The tie's have reproductions of sections of famous paintings by Carpaccio, Canaletto's, Mantegna & Bellini printed on fine Italian silk. Each tie retails for $140.

Michael Kanners cuff links?

Where can I find Michael Kanners cuff links?

Kanners's designs have become popular with men wanting cuff links that are neither stuffy nor common. Thirty seven year old Michael Kanner, a former estate jeweler bases his design operation in Italy. If you are inetrested in obtaining a pair of his creations,they are shown by appointment only, 917-912-1302.

Help Setting Up Cell Phone and IPOD?

I just purchased a Samsung smartphone because I was sold on the ability to be completely organized from my phone. But I don't know how to set it up and even if I figure it out, this will require imputting in volumes of details from various databases. I have the same problem with the ipod I received for my birthday. I'm more than excited that it can hold so much music-but it's been sitting on a shelf for three months because I have neither the time nor the inclination to set it all up. Is there an electronics technician you can reccomend to help me with these things? VS

This is quite common. Setting up these electronic devices requires a time investment alot of people find hard to make. Collect your various databases; phones, ledgers, address books and computer address books and leave them along with your new phone near the computer you intend to designate as the telephone's host. Then gather all of the CD's, songs and/or a list of songs you want on your ipod together with your ipod and leave that together with the computer you wish to host the ipod. Now call, Carabelle Concierge. This is one of the many time saving services we perform for our valued clients. Please email me directly at or visist our website at for additional contact information.

Romantic Hotel in Greece?

Can you reccomend a romantic hotel to stay at in Greece? It seems like all of my friends who go stay at the same three places.

You failed to specify a destination with Greece and I don't know where your friends have been so it's unlikely I'll be able to provide you the answer you are looking for. Please email me directly with more information and I would be happy to help you. (

Two quick thoughts.....

The Blue Palace Resort & Spa is located on the island of Crete is the Elounda Beach Hotel and is a tremedously capitivating luxury resort with a definite romantic ambience. (

On the Island of Santorini, the Vedema Resort which was built around a 15th century winery is a somewhat unique destination for couples. (

Top of The Line Cell Phone?

What is the best, most modern, top of the line cell phone?

Vertu has introduced ‘the world’s first Luxury Personal Communication Instruments’. If you want truly top of the line, you won't find it on Amazon or at your Verizon outlet- Vertu phones are sold in boutiques and you don't choose a color but rather a metal to line your phone with! These are painstakingly crafted , perfectly designed phones with the best technology available. For 2005, they have introduced a "for her" special edition pink model of the Virtu Ascent. For more information, go to
pictured at left, Vertu red ascent; $15,000.

Olive Oil?

Can you reccomend a good Olive oil?

Preziozolio. The super, extra virgin oil is made from best olives in Umbria, and shipped straight to your door.

Marble Busts?

Would you be able to help me find a source or an artist who recreates marble busts? Mickele Greenwich, CT

Yes, a great one-Maria Tindemans at Museum Replicas. They offer thousands of museum reproductions, as well as commissioned art works.

Hair Salon in Greenwich?

I just moved from the Chicago area to Greenwich. I need to know where to go for the best hair care & color. -Nadine

I would suggest the Peter Coppola Salon in Westport. There are nearly 60 employees in this 6,000 square foot salon but owner Vincent Palumbo is very involved in the supervision and continued training of his top notch staff. Phone: 203.454.8600. 20 Wilton Road Wesport CT 06880 .

Hotel in Nashville?

I've never been to Nashville and will be going down in early April for business. I would like to bring my wife and three year old along for what will be a 4-5 day trip. Something nice.

Then you must stay at the Hermitage Hotel.
She can take advantage of the on-call limo service to take her and your daughter to see the sites while you are handling business. And for some interesting adventures for children, check out:

Image Hosted by